| | | is a free full-scale office suite for Windows, Linux, and Mac that rivals commerical products such as Microsoft Office. Since I've been using, I've been very happy.

Below you will find a unique collection of free templates. Simply load them into and they're ready to use.

Sports Bracket - Self-Updating (Calc)

This self-updating bracket will keep track of 16 sports teams, academic teams, or any other competition and playoff. Just enter the scores and the bracket automatically advances the winner to to the next round.

Requirements: 2.0 / File Size: 13KB

eBook Template with Piracy Warning (Writer)

Share your knowledge with the world by publishing your very own ebook. With 2.0's built-in PDF printer it's easy to release your words into cyberspace.

Requirements: 2.0 / File Size: 26KB

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e-Product Life Cycle Spreadsheet (Calc)

Just plug in your e-product (like an ebook or software) price and the launch date and this little gem will take care of the rest. Shows you how much you should be earning in sales and offers tips if you're not.

Requirements: 2.0 / File Size: 18KB

Employment Application (Writer)

Why buy expensive employment applications—simply edit this template, print, and then photocopy for your potential employees. Includes work / education history, agreements, and more.

Requirements: 2.0 / File Size: 18KB

SWOT Analysis Template (Writer)

Discover your company's own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with this template. Asks simple questions and invites you to answer in essay form to find the answers.

Requirements: 2.0 / File Size: 13KB

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